our uniqueness

At The Outliers School, we believe that every child has the potential for growth, that every child can become exceptional with the right facilitator. Our staff are consistently trained, to strengthen them as experts at facilitating the learning experience of our kids, using our blend of the British, Nigerian and Asian Curriculum as the target.

The Outliers School was founded to combat the challenges faced by Muslim children in becoming highfliers in their academics. Here, you can be sure that your kid(s) is well-grounded in academics, the Deen, soft skills and emotional wellness amongst others.

We ensure that our kids get the attention that they deserve in class with an adequate adult to kids ratio which promotes child-centered learning. This ensures that kids who do not meet the basic requirements in learning are identified promptly and remedial classes are arranged to bring them to par.

The emotional and physical wellness of our pupils is of utmost importance to us. We have a certified Educational Psychologist and a qualified Nurse as members of our team to ensure that our kids get first aid/counselling sessions as soon as the need arises, in a bid to keep them healthy and strong which promotes our goal – exceptionalism.

 We also offer unique classes like Character Education and Public speaking to groom our kids’ confidence and self esteem amidst other traits of sound emotional wellness.

Come on board and let’s make your child an Outlier!